part 36 and drifting // mail. etc.
Anonymous: i feel really bored with life, wasted, but i'm too scared to change.

What are you letting scare you so much that it’s holding you back?

Anonymous: What do you usually do when you're alone?


I and me are always too deeply in conversation.

raise ur hand if you’re ready to ditch your body and become a sentient cloud of cosmic gas

Anonymous: my bestfriend who i really dont know if im really her bestfriend and i are ... how do you say this ? drifting apart ? (she met a new friend; who i think doesnt even like me) and i dont know we tend to talk and laugh and i dont have much friends and i feel so lonely and sad these days. my question is : how do you cope with that im scared of losing her though

I think the most important thing to think about is whether or not if her leaving you would make you reconsider her friendship in the first place. What I mean is that if there’s someone out there who you’re close with but will just leave you once they meet someone new, do you really want them as a friend? Are they all they seemed to be when you met them? I know for me that if someone thought I was extremely disposable, I probably would hesitate from staying attached to them. But really, what does that mean in the face of losing someone you care about? Nothing. But I think that if after telling her how you feel and voicing the concern to her she still leaves, then maybe looking back at the friendship and looking at it critically might be useful. Again, that’s easier said than done, but if someone leaves, then there is really no changing their mind and chasing after them doesn’t always work. Plus, new people always seem to come around even if we don’t think they will. I mean, how did you meet this friend you’re talking about now? Probably by chance meeting or common hobbies and situations. If you forged a friendship before, you can for sure do it again. I’m sorry for the so late reply. I don’t even know if you’re dealing with this issue anymore, so I’m sorry for being zero help, if this problem has passed you by. 

Anonymous: Hi, I really like the theme tumblr url: tablonotes uses. Please let me use it. I can't find any link haha

Hi. It’s this one here.

Something inside me had dropped away, and nothing came in to fill the empty cavern. There was an abnormal lightness to my body, and sounds had a hollow echo to them.